1. What is the turn-around time for applying pitching toe?

Total time is shipping both ways plus maximum of three days in our facility.

2. What should I send you?

Ship only the shoe(s) that requires a pitching toe and include a copy of the Order Form.

3. What colors are available?

We have a variety of colors covering the spectrum, except for metallics and fluorescents.
We match as closely as possible to the existing toe color or dominant shoe color, whichever we
think looks the best.

Please be aware that the same color can take on different shades with the different shoe
components (leather, rubber, mesh, sole materials, etc.).
Our general rule is to create a visual from a short distance that both shoes still match even
though one has a pitching toe. But, upon request, we will put on any choice of pitching toe
color you request.

4. How should I specify where I want my pitching toe coverage?

Shoes shown on this page are standard pitching toes. If there is a special wear pattern, review
the Galley which shows available coverages. It is helpful to include a photo of an old shoe that
shows the wear pattern.

5. What about Expedited Freight return shipments?

Our cost includes return shipping by FedEx Ground.

If you need it faster, contact us and we will quote you the difference between Ground and
Expedited and charge you the difference.

6. Are there discounts available?

Discounts are based on quantity. When you fill out the Order Form, it will automatically apply
any discount and show you your final cost.

Filling out our Order Form does not obligate you in any way.